Thursday, March 1, 2012

we are taking care of our hearts!

Lot's of fun and active learning at My Little Preschool this week!

Lego's seemed to be the building 'medium' of choice (for all the kids!) this week.  Free time turned into a construction zone for Lego Town!  Little Miss K show's off a super cool building she made to go with the trucks, cars and little town items that were created by her and her friends!

my "littles" practicing self control
Life Skill of the week - Self Control:
Every week I pick a 'life skill' to learn and practice.  Sense this week was 'self control' I decided it would be fun to see how long the children could control themselves from moving towards a 'dangling carrot'!  The dangling carrot was a Kit Kat candy bar!  I asked them if they would like to just run up and bite into the chocolate bar.  Of course they responded with screeches and whooping!  That's when I told them they could only have it IF they listened, followed rules and controled their movments...they all looked at me like, "Huh?"  That was when I explained the rules of the game "Red Light, Green Light" and then they agreed to give it a try!  I was impressed with the self control they displayed as they moved closer and closer to the candy bar; listening for instructions, looking for the 'light' to change and even moving backward if they moved forward after the light turned red!  In the end everyone received a Kit Kat bar as a reward for having self control.  MUCH FUN :]

In my BIGS class we learned about things that help our heart stay healthy and strong. For writing practice we wrote, inside a heart shape, what and how much we should eat to keep our hearts happy.  Not only were we practicing letters, but numbers too.  The kids had to write down each food group and the number of servings we need of each!  We had a cute little chat about how vegetables are not very popular.  But, when they saw that vegi's were the food we should be eating the most of, they were very discriptive about which vegi's they would eat more of and which one's they might even dare try!  All this talk, totally UNprompted by teacher, was fun to be a part of.
Miss P loves to write...she is doing a fine job!

LITTLES learned R is for Robot & S is for Snake!  Miss M and Mr. B are coloring so good and their snakes turned out great! 
Science - what makes our hearts beat?
All my cute little kids got to make their own stethoscope this week.  But, in order to hear our hearts beat we had to get them pumping.  We played games that involved jumping, kicking, punching and marching...that got our hearts going!  After each activity we would feel our hearts.  We found that jumping jacks made our hearts beat the hardest and punching the air was the most fun!  After all of our exercising we listened through our stethoscopes to hear how hard our hearts began beating!  It was hard to hear, we had to be really quiet...AH! We heard it!  This activity proved to be a great success as the kids just wanted to keep playing this game and not get ready to go home :]
My littles hopping on one foot!  We took a couple deep breaths after this activity ;]
To make a stethoscope, the My Little Preschool way, you need:  a cheap garden hose, small automotive funnels, duct tape and pruning shears.  Cut the hose (with pruning shears) into 1 1/2 ft. peices, enough for each child.  Then cut bottoms of funnels off so they will easily fit over the end of the cut hose.  Duct tape the funnel to the end of each side of the hose.  That's listen to your heart or someone elses :]  Have fun!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!
Miss Lisa :]

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