Thursday, March 8, 2012

animal habitats

This week we discovered where several different kinds of animals live.  We learned who lives in a Jungle, the Forest, in Icy Waters, the Desert, Mountain Lakes and way up high in a very large Nest!  We also talked about what animals lived near the mountains and desert, and which animals live very far away in jungles and the north pole!

I made a simple sort and match game with pictures of different animals and their habitats.  It was super easy (can be done without a laminator) and the children LOVED playing!
I chose: mountain lake = lake trout, desert rocks = rattle snake,  mountain cave = bear (in hybernation), jungle = monkey, ice in the ocean = penguins and huge nest = bald eagle.
I made 6 different "playing boards" (habitats)...just enough to keep their interest.  With each board I copied enough animals to match as I have children in my classroom, so that all my kids would have 1 of each "game piece" (pic of animal to match habitat).  The great thing about this game is YOU create it.  So you can copy pictures of animals and habitats which can be found in your neck of the woods!  Here's how to play:  Teacher: (not revealing the board yet) Give a couple clues regarding the habitat picture you're holding.  Kids: Raise hands when the think they know what habitat you are holding.  Teacher: When more than a couple children guess, reveal the board.  Tell children to look through their game pieces/animal pictures (printed in 2 inch X 2 inch).  If children look confused, give short clues to help them pick.  Kids: Place picture of the chosen animal onto the 'game board' (8.5 X 11) of the matching habitat!  So much fun & super easy.

An adventure, indeed, was walking through my yard and the near by fields to find animal houses.  We discovered interesting places where animals might possibly live!
Mr. H found my little horse in his we went in to say "hi!"
My Bigs!  Happily taking a break for a photo op :]
Miss P and Miss M found this jack-o-lantern in the corner of our field!   Well, THAT'S not an animal home...or is it???
My Littles!  To draw their attention away form trying to climb the hay stacks, I announced "Picture Time!" And they were so cooperative ;]
Mr. Z spotted this little burrow in the rocks!  Good Job Mr. Z!

Mr. Z, Miss B and Mr. B curiosly checking the burrow.  What could live in there?  A snake or mouse?  Maybe a bunny or ground squirrel?
We also spotted bird nests up in my pine trees, smashed vegitation where deer have been bedding for the winter and little holes in the hay where little mice live.  The biggest attraction was my golden retriever - his habitat...a back yard and a dog house!  SO MANY opportunities for discussion, it was an amazing activity.

After learning and talking about so many different animal habitats, we went and created one!  A house for a desert snake.  Although the difficulty level was higher than our normal projects, it turned out to be a success...
A finished snake habitat!  Cool...huh?
Playing with our projects was the best part!  Can you spy the snake hiding in his rock home?
Miss K is painting her 'sage brush' for her snake habitat...
Mr. A is spreading glue all over the bottom of his habitat!  EW...messy & we LOVE it!
Mr. B towards the end of his much glue and sand, got to wipe it off my hands!
Supplies for this project are: a shoe box lid, elmers school glue, sandtastic play sand, 2 toilet paper tubes, gravel, hot glue, scissors, green washable acrylic paint and of coarse...SNAKES!  Plastic dollar store snakes work great :]
How to create this project: 1 - hot glue 1 toilet paper tube to underside of shoe box lid.  2 - dump a 'splotch' of glue into the box lid.  3 - children spread the glue (with their hands!) to cover the entire bottom of the lid.  4 - scoop a 1/2 cup of sand into the lid, shake the lid back and forth, softly, until all the glue is covered with sand.  Set aside to dry.  5 - cut another tube in half, cut 1/2 inch lines from the top of the tube...paint the tube green (that's your sage brush!) then set aside to dry.  6 - bring lid with sand back to the messy table, grab a handful of gravel and spread 1/2 of it onto the bottom of the lid for 'landscape'.  7 - (teacher) hot glue rest of gravel onto the tube in lid.  8 - bend cut pieces of the painted short tube (sage brush) outward until it looks like a bush then place 'sage brush' into box.  9 - pass out snakes...and PLAY!

Our week was full of activity and creativity...what a great learning combination!  I hope you enjoyed our week in pictures and THANKS for stopping in!

Miss Lisa :]


  1. You do so many awesome things! What a great teacher.

  2. Thanks are always SO kind :]