Friday, February 24, 2012

assessment boring!

Oh boy, trying to make Review and Assessment Week fun and exciting is a challenge for me.  I came up with a few (not new, but fun) ways to review what we've learned so far this year.  I wanted to keep it simple so the children would understand what we were doing.  We discussed what an "assessment" was, and they were actually super excited to be tested!  

Thanks to I found a simple way to trace and practice numbers 1 - 10.  We traced the numbers and then put that many freckles (dots) on that particular finger.  It was a little bit boring, but the kids enjoyed dotting their fingers and some of them colored their hands with bright markers.  Little Miss A did a great job and followed my instructions very well :]

When we practiced our shapes I got the sand out!  My kids LOVE our sand and rice I knew they would enjoy reviewing in the sand :]  From Circles to Stars we practiced drawing the shapes with our fingers.  Some of my kids drew their own shapes and then told me to come see what they had drawn (which was the point of the activity all along).  My kids love shapes...we talk about them a whole lot, so this activity was very rewarding for them.  It was fun to watch them draw out shapes within shapes and connect a few shapes to make a creative!
(I always use shallow cookie sheets from the dollar store for sand play...just the right size, easy to use and clean)

My favorite is playing with color...not always my kids favorite though so I have to be careful ;]  A big thank you to for this cute printable!  It's meant for "bug catching" but I couldn't find enough colored bug stickers to make it, instead we caught frogs!  We all had fun catching the right colored frog to match our jar lid. I was so proud of how great my littles did with this project!  Our pink and purple frogs were so similar in color it was hard to sort them out...but my kids did it!  Good Job!
(I use stickers quite a bit.  They are cheap and easy to use.  My kids love stickers too, they ask to use them in projects and for rewards)


These letters are bumpy, and the kids love connecting the puzzle pieces.  I, however, am still a big fan of the plain old sandpaper letters for tactile learning.  I am super grateful for ALL the MANY sources of learning materials out in our gigantic world!

I used this matching game, from lakeshore learning, to review our letters and sounds.  There are several ways to play...we simply used the 'matching game' rules this time.  Some of my kids were loosing interest by the end of the game, but most of them hung in there!  My bad, because I left this activity for the end of our day.

Our Assessment day went well.  I was amazed at what some of my kids have retained!  Colors and Shapes were known very well by all.  Letters and Sounds need a bit of work, but I was mostly impressed with what my kids knew about Numbers!  They spoke of beginning knowledge of addition and subtraction and can count higher than I expected...GREAT JOB my kids!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!
Miss Lisa ;]

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