Thursday, February 16, 2012

valentines & vibrant vases!

Valentines day/week is always a special one.  It forces us to take a look at who we really love.  My little preschoolers mostly loved their mom's or grandma's...and I would have to agree, I love mine too :]

We took to cutting some hearts out!  A simple tast you might think, but not really.  Cutting around the top was not easy and some needed a bit of help.  They asked several times, "Miss do it for me."  I said, "Not until you try it first."  They all gave it a valiant effort and to my surprise most of them cut their WHOLE heart out!  Good Job my Cool Kids, you did it!!!  Painting the hearts was not a problem...they enjoyed every bit of that...without any assistance ;]

practicing small motor skills during art time...
Miss M and Mister Z working well to make their hearts pretty & perfect
just look at our cutting skills...we did so good :D

Exploring shapes...
Since the shape of the month is the Heart, we watched an episode of Blue's Clue's called "Love Day" and the kids were so concentrated on figuring out who sent Joe the big heart valentine!  I'm never a big fan of sitting kids down in front of a T.V., however, this proved to be great learning time :]
just so cute ... watching some Blue's Clue's :]
Creative art...
Vases and votives that catch the light!  I wasn't sure this activity would go over very well (especially with my littles), but they did great.  I was super impressed with their focus and follow through.  We used just dollar store vases and left over tissue with a little bit of modge podge and Ta-Da...look how beautiful!
Mister J loves BYU so BLUE it is :]
Mister H was so proud of his looks awesome!
Miss M was bound and determined to cover every square inch of her vase!
Miss A's "focus" face makes me smile...she chose just white and it was beautiful.  Made the vase look frosted, cool!
End results were amazing...

Littles made votive's to catch a candles light.  It took a bunch of concentration and their projects were all unique and so pretty...

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