Thursday, February 2, 2012

all the pretty shapes...

SHAPES are fun!
Number Time:
With just 5 strips of paper (equal length) and 4 brads...we created so many different shapes!  It was very interesting to twist and turn our strips of paper into shapes of things we didn't even know we could make.  We left the ends unconnected so we could continue to make many more shapes over and over again.  Some of the kids decided to make their super cool shapes more perminant by putting a brad into the ends (upon shape completion!) and carefully placing them into their backpacks to take home and show mom and dad :]
a STAR is the shape we practiced making during "Magic Math" time!
oh my!  one of my little Miss M's found she could make her paper strips into a HOUSE! 
the boys found that if you bunch some of the lines together you can create a shape with less than 5 a TRIANGLE! 
the DIAMOND was a popular shape to make :]
another one of my Miss M's made a, who knew???
Creative Art:
Towards the end of the week (since we're not getting any real snow) we decorated paper snowmen and snowgirls with various shapes!  Everything from squares to flowers, the shapes turned our snowpeople into amazingly awesome creatures!
My BIGS class added a little artistic marker drawings to their snowpeople which made them even more appealing!  Here we have a snowman who spilled red punch all over the front of him, a super "shapely" long haired snowgirl with sunglasses on and a decorated snowman with hair, a belly button and some ear muffs!
This activity was a perfect one for 'sticker happy' kids!  Miss A even put a flower in her snowgirls beautiful!
Many, Many shapes ended up on our faces...very cool ;]
We practiced writing our letters and names a whole bunch this week.  We found many different places to write our names and some letters.  Mr. J was delighted to be able to use the 'Letter Time' board to write his name on!  We wrote on our chalkboards, colored papers, snack time cups and more...what fun writing adventures!

I never cease to be amazed at what my little ones love to do!  I wasn't sure if my shape lessons would keep them all that interested this week?  But to my surprise, they had a blast!  We kept finding shapes in our toys and learning tools, we also found shapes outside like: trees (some are circles, some are triangles), mountains are triangles, the moon is a cresent and the sun is a circle...even though it's really a star??!!  The amazement of shapes made our week great!

A great book, that we integrated into our learning time was...
Both my BIGS and LITTLES love this book.  Searching for shapes on every page was so rewarding!

Happy Day!
Miss Lisa :]

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