Friday, January 27, 2012

glow in the dark!

This week was all about "seeing in the dark!"  We got involved in a whole bunch of glow in the dark activities.  We also read "Little Owls Night" by Divya Srinivasan, which took us on an adventure with all sorts of nocturnal animals.

SCIENCE aka Messy Table:
We made glow in the dark play dough!  First we took the dough into a very dark room and saw the glowing "greenish" playdough, squished it through our fingers and stretched it out...then, we took it back out to our messy table to make it into some pretty cool shapes!
Mr. J made his dough into a mini hot dog...looks good enough to eat!?!
Mr. A made his 'magic' dough into a "guy"...he's so proud!
Mr. M is showing 3 fingers...don't know why :]  Miss K made her dough into a heart with letter shapes pressed into the middle.  Great job littles!
Because we have been learning about stars and the contrast between dark and light, we thought it would be a great idea to bring the 'night lights' that keep each of us safe at night.  From turtles to head lamps...we had a blast!
Miss A brought a turtle that shined fantastic colored stars all over the room!

Miss M showed us how her 'Snoopy' night light lit up and made bubbles appear!

Miss K, Mr. M and Mr. Z all brought head lamps,
they were SO happy to show everyone how they worked !

Miss B showed us the flash light that would turn on everytime the 'hippo' opened his cool!
In an attempt to create our own night time skies, we brought together some black construction paper, glow in the dark paint, glitter glue and some self adhesive glow in the dark stars... and it came together beautifully!  I've seen this project created before, in other play groups and preschools.  I loved it so much I wanted to try it out too!  What a fun project, especially when the lights go out!  Check out our creations...
My BIGS class enjoyed using the glitter glue the most!  Lot's of sparkle :]

My LITTLES took more of an interest in the glow in the dark paint...funny how each class is different.
At the end of the school day, it's nice to sit back a take in all the cool things my BIGS and LITTLES create...
...even if it's a bathroom that has been toilet papered by two sneaky little munchkins! I LOVE MY JOB! :]

Thanks for stopping by!
Miss Lisa :]

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