Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a week of Stars and Blue Horses!

The shape of the month is a STAR (one of my favorite shapes!) and the color of the month is BLUE (which is my favorite color!).  I didn't plan this wonderful collision of learning...it just happened!  So, both my littles and I are having fun learning this month ;]

Stars....they are beautiful!  During our Science Center this week we closed our eyes and imagined what our lives might be like in the total dark.  Then we used our imagination to see the stars in the night sky and how much light they give...even though they seem so small.  We talked (very simply) about the properties of dark and light.  I had my 'littles' put the black construction paper up to their eyes and tell me if they could see through it...."NO!"  Then we continued on with our project, take a look...
Little Miss P starting out by poking small holes, in the shape of a star, through her black paper.
(we used cork board pins, which fit perfectly in their little fingers)

The finished scheme was so pretty!  I gave my 'littles' very loose instruction for this project...and every star turned out unique.  We put the papers up to our eyes again...we could see through!  And that's what light does, it helps us see.  The best part was hanging the star papers onto the windows!  BEAUTIFUL :]

I love this book!  And of coarse I love Eric Carle's illustrations!  When we read "The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse" my 'littles' were consumed with all the crazy colors of the animals.  Our main question was "Would you get yellow milk from a yellow cow???"  We sat together and considered what colors we might paint different kinds of animals.  We came up with a hot pink zebra with black stripes (the same color as one of my 'littles' shirts) or a purple snake...sounds interesting and I'd like to see that!
We continued on with the Art Adventure of creating our own Blue Horse.  I was absolutely shocked at how beautiful they turned out.  I am always amazed by my 'littles' creations, and so proud of their efforts.  It's just that, sometimes you're not 100% sure about how a project will turn out?  So, it's a pleasant surprise when they turn out better than imagined!  Here are a few to enjoy...
(I gathered together all the blue art supplies left over from other projects, all the different kinds of blue markers and crayons I could find.  I chose not to paint because I was real curious to see how they would use all the different art mediums?   I found the image of the horse in google search on a childrens coloring pages sight.  The rest is history!)

I hope you found our projects fun and wish you a very happy week!
Miss Lisa :]

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