Sunday, January 8, 2012


Beginning a new year is always goals and a fresh start seem to rejuvinate the system :]

At My Little Preschool, we asked ourselves this last week, "If we could build a friend, just for us, how would we build it and what would it look like?"  A conversation (spurred a little by Miss Lisa) began about robots!  Robots are used to help many people do many different things.  We talked about the kind of robots we have seen on t.v. or around town.  When I asked, "What would your robot do for you?" I got answers like "vacuum for me" - "play with me when my friends can't" - "do my chores" and "make me good food to eat!"

Needless to say, we decided making a robot would be kind of fun!  So we started with lego's.  My Littles used their imaginations quite well and constructed many different shapes using many different ideas.  Each one was was delightful for me to observe :]
Little Mr. H concentrating very hard on his robot.  He wanted it to be SO cool!

Mr. J, Miss A and Miss M building robots to their own specific imaginations :]
Next we moved on over to the Art Table and made a robot we could actually take home and keep for our very own!  Our robots were constructed of:
Shoe boxes (any size) - body
2 toilet paper tubes - legs
sparkly pipe cleaner - arms
hot glue - stick on the limbs
google eyes
tin foil - to cover body
It wasn't real easy for my littles to get the tin foil to cover the shoe boxes.  It took patience and MUCH help from Miss Lisa & Miss Cait.  My 4 year olds did pretty good getting through it, and I had the 3 year olds boxes covered for them before they started the project.  All in all, they looked so cute and my littles took them home with pride.  Now they have friends who will listen, love and play with them WHENEVER they want! ;]  Check it out - 
Working hard with the tin foil!

How Cute!  We even added hearts to some of them so that they would be able to love us completely ;]
Thanks for stopping in!  I hope you found a little inspiration and enjoyed our little project :]

Have a fantastic day,
Miss Lisa :]

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