Thursday, January 19, 2012

color in...color out!

My Little Preschool LOVES science experiments!  We feel like that's where most of our adventures take the MESSY TABLE :]

During snack time Miss Lisa read the book "Pete the Cat" by Eric Litwin.

It is a fantastic book about just keeping things 'cool' - no matter what you run into on your journey.  We took the story a little further by investigating the possiblities of how we could add color to something and then take it back out...just like Pete's shoes, when they turned back to white.

Here's what we did...filled a 12 oz glass a 1/3 full of water.  Then we added 3 drops of food coloring (we used blue since that's the color we are enjoying this month).  We made sure to watch the color swirl and make interesting designs in the water before we mixed it with popsicle sticks.  Little Mr. Z said his coloring looked like a tree, little Miss B said hers looked is VERY interesting to watch.  After we stirred the color and the water became solid blue, we then added about 1/8th of a cup bleach to the water.  Some 'littles' added their bleach slowly, while others just dumped it all in.  I instructed them to now "just watch and wait."  What a surprise when the water turned back to clear!!  We did it!  We put color in and then took it right back out!  Seems like magic for sure ;]
putting the color in....watching the cool swirling color
stir!  make sure it mixes up good...
Miss A dumping in the bleach...hmmm, now we watch and wait
Miss P is focusing very well and her water sure isn't the same blue it was a minute ago!
Miss M can't believe how clear her water is!   "Where did my blue go???"
This project is a so great, it brings up some very interesting analysis and deep conversation with the very BEST questions!  The kids are always amazed with this one ;]
(***just a tip***) I learned my lesson on this one!  When doing this project with my 'little class' I wiped up and put everything on my supply table.  NOT THINKING, like I should of, I went immediatly to the next project.  Well, some of my boys just didn't get enough and went back to explore a bit more.  They ended up going home with spotted and hand print bleached shirts!  They understood to be careful, they just didn't understand that if it got on your hands to NOT wipe it on your shirt.  Oh boy, my bad!  I never turn my back....but, I REALLY should not have that time!  The adventures of teaching preschool!

Thanks for taking a peek,
Miss Lisa :]

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