Thursday, November 17, 2011 our tray!

We broke out the sand this week and it was interesting to watch what my littles did with it.  Everyone loves the feel of sand between their fingers and toes!  It's always fun to learn and play :]
Mr. J built hills and flatened them :] 
Mr. H drew pictures, shapes and letters!
Miss P got super creative and made all sorts of designs in her sand!
My class of LITTLES surprised me the most!  I set out the sand and they immediately went for the 'cars and trucks' basket of toys!  After a while one of the girls got out the toy 'tools' basket...I was fascinated by their thinking and creativity.  They spent quality time playing with their sand piles and looking at the patterns of the tire tracks, lifting sand with the backhoe and hauling it to a friends sand tray with the dump truck!  So many ideas...we love sand :]
Keep Smiling,
Miss Lisa :]

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