Thursday, November 17, 2011

fashioning projects with feathers


Thanksgiving is just around the corner so of course it's time to make some hand turkeys!  I can't get through the month of November without tracing my hand or my kids hands and coloring on them feathers, beaks and gobbles to transform some fingers into a turkey :]

We dove into this project with a little different twist this year.  Instead of coloring our fingers to make feathers...we used the real thing.  I let my littles glue their color choice of feathers onto their fingers.  I cut out beaks and gobbles (small pieces!), then they glued them on.  We dotted some eye's on the thumbs and our turkeys were complete! (...Could be much cuter if made out of brown foam board and with google eyes.  Also, put a magnet on the back stick it on the fridge during the thanksgiving season!) 
the 'semi' finished product!  they just have to be soft :]
Miss A and Miss P working hard to make their turkeys so awesome!
All so different but equally beautiful!
Jeweled, colorful and fabulous...our Indian Headbands were fun to make!  Each child made sure their headband was one of a kind.  So easy to create...all you need is some brown construction paper, jewel and foam shape stickers, different color feathers and a stapler.  My littles were so excited to get their feathers onto the band that some of them had a hard time even decorating it!  It's always fun to watch children get excited about their projects and be soooo proud of their work!
Little Miss K so proud of her creation!
Little Mr. Z all smiles (as usual!) about his feathers :] 
Little Mr's M and A making fantastic headbands - with M&M's in hand!
Miss M looks like a beatiful Indian Princess!
Feathers are a whole lot of fun to create with.  The kids love them!  Feathers are a fun art medium for texture and color.  They also make for an awesome science project when discussing weight or birds :]  Have fun with feathers!  Beware, you might find little feather strands around in the corners of your room for days to come...but totally worth it :]

Be happy!
Miss Lisa :]

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