Friday, December 2, 2011

this week was 'for the birds'!

While celebrating the coming of winter, the kids at My Little Preschool were concerned about where the birds might go to get out of the cold weather?  WELL, while most fly south, others stay and make warm burrows or nests to stay in through the cold days.

We discussed what birds make their houses out of, not only in the spring but also in the winter.  They find sticks, grasses, weeds and even some human items like string and ribbon.  We decided to make some nests ourselves.  Here's what we came up with...looks nice and cozy doesn't it?  
Miss A thought her birds needed a walkway to the front door of their she created one ;]

Mr. H made sure his nest would be strong so he glued on some sticks for extra strength!
What about something to eat during the long winter?  Birds need to eat don't they? Yes!  So we helped out by making some bird feeders.  We took some bagel halves and spread on a semi thick layer of peanut butter.  Then we gently smooshed bird seed, oatmeal and dried berries onto the peanut butter.  With a little help from Miss Lisa, the kids thread a thick string through the middle of their bagel and tied a sturdy knot at the end.  Now all we have to do is hang them on a strong tree branch outside our window and watch the birds feed through the winter!  Hopefully the birds have plenty of food stored up in their homes...but if they don't we welcome them to snack on our scrumptious offering :]
Mr. J carefully places the berries on his bird feeder :]

Miss M feels like the more "stuff" on the bagel, the better!

a finished product...ready for the tree!
This was a fun project.  We found it works a little better if you let the bagel sit out to dry up for about 24 hours (makes it a little more tough).  The birds have already begun to feed on the treats we made for them!  It's so exciting to watch!

Happy Days!
Miss Lisa

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