Friday, November 11, 2011

color + science!

Color + Science = Interesting!
We love doing projects here at My Little Preschool!  Especially when the results are a big surprise!  I love blends, intensifies and dilutes in so many interesting ways.  All my Littles were somewhat surprised at the results of our science projects this week.  Please take a look...our project idea's might not be 'new' but they are always entertaining :]  

Coffee filters are great for sooo many projects in art and science!  We used them as color wheels for this venture.  I had all the children pull out their waterbased color markers.  We made sure all the primary and secondary colors were available!  Then the children scribbled each color in a different section of the coffee filter.  Once all the colors were on...we took water, and with droppers, gradually diluted the colors.  As they continued diluting, I asked the children what they were seeing happen on their color wheel?  I got answers such as these..."My colors are disappearing!"..."My blue turned into purple!"..."How come my colors are going to the other side of my paper?"  When the filters were dry (which takes a very short time), my Littles were delighted with what had happened.  Their science projects had turned into beautiful pieces art!  
Miss M making sure all her colors were placed just right on her color wheel :]

Miss A was concerned her colors would all run off her filter!  But not dried gorgeously!

Little Miss M was fascinated with the disappearance of her colors...she thought it was simply magic!

Little Miss K was so happy with the blending of her colors...and they were stunning :]
When chemicals react, amazing things can happen!  This time we created a VOLCANO! With 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 cup vinegar (with a few drops of food coloring added to the vinegar) we devised something truly explosive!  The children were not exactly sure what was going to happen and I didn't even give them a clue.  They were a little apprehensive because the vinegar smelled really bad!  But, no matter, we forged on!  The look on a childs face when they are totally surprised is priceless :]  Check it out...

Mr. J and Miss P noticed that a little bit of vinegar added to the baking soda made a little bit of bubbles...
BUT...adding the WHOLE cup of vinegar made a WHOLE LOT of bubbles!
Little Mr. Z yelled a big "Whoa!" and jumped back when his volcano erupted!
Little Miss J took a deep breath of shock when her volcano swiftly spilled over the side of her cup :] 
Little Mr.'s A and M didn't quite know what to do about the blue fizz growing in their cups and onto their trays???
What a wonderful way to spend an shock and awe!  I hope you enjoyed what my Littles created with colors + science.  I love keeping my kids guessing.  It makes for more questions...and questions are GOOD!

Good Times!
Miss Lisa :]

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  1. Lisa, this is awesome. I have yet to do anything with coffee filters. I even bought some. I am planning on doing something Christmas-sy. You gave me some great ideas. So much fun. Wish I was in your classroom.