Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sorting at snack time!

Sorting Colors during snack time proved to be a successful activity...so I wanted to share :]   Snack time is a favorite of all children (I think) and so from time to time I'll include a learning concept during our snack.  Usually it's a life skill, like sharing or manners and sometimes it's part of story time...but this time I arranged to practice our sorting skills.  We have been focusing on the colors red, orange and brown, so I made sure I had small food items that represented those colors :]  It didn't take the kids too long to figure out what I was teaching them...SORTING!  It was fun and made us all look a little differently at what we were eating.  And, it was yummy too!  (obviously this could be done with different colors and food types too)

I prepared the paper plates before school started.  I simply split the plate into thirds with a perminant marker (so it wouldn't smear when we put the food on it).  Then, I wrote one of the colors of focus into each section.  Prep done...super easy.

I had some chocolate chips (brown), cheddar cheese cubes (orange) and went to the store to pick up some fresh raspberries (red).  When we were ready for snack time I placed all the different foods onto the table and gave each child a small handful of each.  Then I asked them if they recognized any of the color words writen on their plates.  They all seemed to recognize the word RED the very best.  So we started with red :]  They began sorting all the food into the correct color section.  The concept was grasped and we had some very yummy snacks to eat!
BTW!  Our raspberries were a little bitter because they're going out of season here in Utah.  Strawberries would've probably been a better choice?  However,  we did discover that if you stick a chocolate chip or two into the center of the raspberry it is delicious!  I hope you will give this a try and let me know what foods/colors you used.  Thanks for stopping by to peek at our activities :]

Miss Lisa :]

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