Friday, October 7, 2011

What's in a NAME?

Our names are special...they are part of our unique-ness :]  We all did our best to begin recognizing our own name.

Can we write our names?  Maybe trace them?  Yes we can...we are SO proud of ourselves!  I was proud of my BIGS and LITTLES while watching them figure out how to trace/write their names.  I let them take off on their own, just to see what they would do.  Most of them figured it out with very little instruction while others were impressed with what they could do after just a little bit of instruction.
names are blurbed out...i have to protect my little ones.  so, i'm sorry you will not see their real progress.  you're just going to have to trust me ;]  Miss A was very focused and wrote her name SO well!
below our names we drew a picture of something we love to do.  Miss B here, loves to play the 'hot potato' game...can you see the hot potato she drew?
Circle time was all about the Hot Potato Game!  Everyone wanted to play it, ALL THE TIME!  If the potato stopped singing when a little mister or miss would catch it they had to pick out a letter of their name from the center of the circle.  I put out scrabble tiles to choose from.  The only semi-frusterating thing is that the W upside down looked just like the M...once we figured that out, it all went well :]

The Bigs had a blast at the messy table digging through tubs of colored rice to find the letter pieces that matched the letters in their names!
Mister J and Miss P helped each other!
Mister H and Miss M worked so hard to match up all the letters in their name. 
I created this name game by printing each childs picture on an 8 1/2 X 11 paper.  I cut and pasted their names (font: chalkboard, size: pretty big) onto the bottom of their picture and then laminated it together.  I printed out another copy of their names and cut each individual letter out.  Then I laminated the letters, cut them out....and, voila, I had a name game! 
The whole class working so nicely, all together and  being so excited for one another when they would find a letter.
Miss J and Mister M discussing the letters of their names :]
For the whole month of september the weather was consistantly sunny....hence, our weather board got to be pretty boring.  Well, after an 80 degree monday we experienced a 46 degree wednesday!  We were so excited to have the opportunity to put several of our weather cards up onto the weather board!  YAY!

One of the highlights of the LITTLES week was playing "Falling Leaves" (or balloons)!  Pretending the balloons were leaves falling off the trees, we didn't want the leaves to get to the we were hitting them back into the sky!  Eventually all the "leaves" found the ground and 6 little children were all tuckered out ;]

Giving prop's to website for the wonderful colored rice recipe!
3 1/2 cups rice
1 Tbl rubbing alcohol
25 drops of food coloring
- In a durable quart size zip lock bag pour in alcohol and food coloring.  Add rice, close baggie and start shaking and mixing the rice with the coloring.  Takes a while to mix completely...but it will, so be patient :]  The colors are super vibrant!  Some people think it smells too much like alcohol.  However, I found if you leave it out to dry overnight the alcohol smell goes away.

What a happy week!
Miss Lisa :]

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