Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alphabet Nature Walk

It's easy to say "A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for Cat....." because that's what we see on our alphabet flash cards.  But what about all the things we see everyday when we play outside, ride in the car or visit a friends house?  You never see "P is for pinecone" on a flashcard.  So, we decided to take a little walk and see what we could discover.  When we discovered something we thought was of interest, we would stop...take a picture...discuss what that object was called...then talk about the letter it started with and the sound that letter made.

R starts the word Rock....B is for Big, and those are BIG ROCKS.

Pinecone starts with P, and so does Pine tree!

Yep, that's a Tree which starts with the letter T.  However, Maple tree starts with M!

H for Horse, S for Stall and we even noticed the Poop, which starts with P ;]

These are only some of the things we discovered.  T starts the word Tree, but what kind of a tree is it?  A Maple Tree!  Maple starts with M.  Horse starts with H of coarse...but, this horseys name is Blue, which starts with a B.  So on, and so forth.

Discovering that there are many words to describe one object wasn't as confusing to my littles as I thought it would be.  They loved making all the sounds of all the letters.  Knowing that they could ask more than one question about the letters in an object really spurred our conversations!  Especially when it came to the bubbles...both my BIGS and my LITTLES love, love, love talking about and playing with bubbles!
Mr. Z and Miss J trying to blow as many bubbles as is humanly possible!

Miss M is very good at catching the bubbles....see??
Bubble starts with B, Pop starts with P, Wand starts with W and Catch starts with C...However, there was nothing better (for both classes) than a big letter R for Relaxing, which they all did very well :]

My Happy BIGS!
The pictures of what we observed on our nature walk will be printed and posted under their correct beginning letters on our letter wall.  It's always good to be reminded of all the wonderful things in this big old world...and the letters they start with ;]

Have a Great Week!
Miss Lisa :]

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