Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tracing :]

Tracing seems like such a simple concept.  Not always.  But, this week we tackled it...and sometimes it's just not that easy!  We traced lines, leaves and lead our horses back to their barn.  At first it was a struggle...the glue was a little hard to navigate.  Some of my bigs just plain didn't want to keep going with the glue and yarn, but they did and they were so proud of their work!  My littles loved the yarn project and didn't need much help with the glue.  Just goes to show, you never know what you're going to get and from what child you're going to get it from.  I love the surprises all my little kids seem to bring every week.  That's the fun of this job...never a dull moment :]

BIGS - tracing
little miss M traces the glue onto her 'left to right' lines...
Miss P sticks the yarn onto her glued lines.
Mr. H got his horse from the field to the barn by following (tracing) the path...
Miss A traced a perfect leaf :]

LITTLES - tracing
little Miss J didn't want to stop with the glue...
...while little Mr. Z couldn't wait to get the yarn onto the glue!
little Mr. A thought he couldn't do it...but he DID!!!  Good Job :]
little Miss K colored her horse all the way home!
Our week is cut short, due to fall recess - and the flu is going around in our neighborhood, so not much time and not many students :[  However!  We will be back  next week with some more adventures in our little world of learning!

Enjoy your week!
Miss Lisa :]

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