Friday, September 16, 2011

"If all the buildings were marshmellows and gumdrops, oh what a world this would be!"

Our first week of school was all about building.  Building our skills and confidence in learning was well underway, so, we decided it would be nice to build something of our very own.  Gumdrop and Marshmellow construction was perfect for these little learners!  It wasn't the easiest thing they had ever done...but they stuck to it and came up with some very cool structures :]

The gumdrops held the creations together much better than the marshmellows.  However, we learned that the marshmellows anchored our "roofs" on very nicely.  Funny what we learn when we are experimenting!

My "Bigs" were great in using their small motor skills to create towers, cabins and houses with their gumdrops and marshmellows.  Each 'construction' was different, which always thrills me....nothing beats individual creativity :]

My "Littles" constructed shapes with their mellows and drops!  The most popular was the big long line :]  However, we did have a couple great triangles and super squares and big rectangles.  My boys decided to add "heavy artillery" to the house I made with my pile of candy (ya keep out the bad guys!). We had just been discussing 9/11 and I think they were feeling rather heroic! 

Our first week is down...and there's many to go!  I'm so lucky to be doing this - taking this great adventure - with these super terrific children!

"This week was good, This week was fun.  Next week is another one!" (twisted a little!)  quote by: Dr. Suess

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