Monday, September 12, 2011

It Has Begun!

I'm so excited to say...My Little Preschool has begun!  It's been so many years, rolling around in my mind & tugging at my thoughts, and now it's here!  My "Bigs" class began their adventure today.  My "Littles" class will begin their adventure tomorrow.  I jumped the gun a little in blogging this event already.  My plan is to blog it all every weekend...but I guess waiting unitl friday wasn't going to happen!  There's not a whole bunch of peep's that follow this blog, however, I would like to say THANKS to all the blogs I follow which have inspired me and encouraged me!!  I'm grateful for a big, fat, worldwide arena of information...internet....awesome!
I'd like to introduce to you Miss P., Mister J., Miss A. and Miss MD. .... My "BIGS"

There will be many more pic's and updates to come!  Just because I have a total lack of self discipline doesn't mean I can go busting out all of today's pics just yet.  After all, there are 4 days in our school week ;]

Miss Lisa :]

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  1. Aren't they so cute! Thanks for a great first day. I feel so lucky that Jack gets to have you as a teacher! Yea!