Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose!

This week was all about our totally awesome senses!  We discussed how we use our eyes, ears, mouth and nose.  Yes, we did sing the song!  There are SOOOO many fun things to do and SOOOO little time!  Our show and tell was all about touch/feel.  I was excited at the variety of textures the kids decided to bring!

Messy Table:
I encouraged the children to paint whatever they wanted as long as they used each color of paint.  I had them smell each color first.  Yellow was lemon, Red was raspberry, Orange was orange and Green was mint.  Individually, they thought the paint smelled pretty good (except the raspberry...surprisingly enough).  When they were all blended together on the paper we found that the smell wasn't so pleasant!


Each class had a cookie tasting test.  Each child had the opportunity to tast a Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mint cookie.  We had a chart on our wall where we could vote on which cookie we liked the best.  After the BIGS class I was just sure the winner would be chocolate and the looser the mint.  Well, after the LITTLES gave it a try, the mint tied with chocolate for first place!  What a surprise!  5 for chocolate, 5 for mint and 2 for peanut butter!

Creative Art:
Toilet paper tubes are great for so many things!  Today they were our canvas for making our color tubes (or: tay-a-scops as Mr. J called them, or by-con-lick-ers as Miss P. called them). After making color tubes, we went outside to see what color the trees, clouds, and cars would be when looking into our different colored tubes!  All the kids responded with different answers.  One said, "It all looks the same just darker."  Another said (super excitedly), "Everything is the same color as my tubes!!!"  And one of my Bigs said, "Ah, I just see colors. I think it's time to blow bubbles."  So we went to bubbles ;]
BIGS - loved looking through their tubes, but found the bubbles to be SO much more interesting :]
little Miss A 
little Mister H

LITTLES - liked the tubes for about 1.3 minutes...then it was off to bubbles and "fixing" my dirt!
little Miss J
little Mister A "fixing" wood chip dirt with little Miss B looking on :]
Regardless of how long the experiment lasted, it was fun!  What was more interesting was watching them play with whatever they found during an unplanned outside play time.  Bubbles, shovels or plastic are so creative!  And, it was a beautiful site to see all the colored tubes carefully lying on my grass ;]
it's too bad you can't see the designs they drew on the tubes before the celephane and elastic were put on them...some were very impressive ;]
Another Great Adventure!
Miss Lisa :]

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  1. Looks like they are learning a lot and having fun too! I love it Lisa