Thursday, June 30, 2011

my big DEAL rug!

Not a room in my house...but that IS my rug!  And I'm SO excited :]
Since the time my hub's and I decided to finish the basement family room into a preschool I have been biting my nails about purchasing a big rug for my circle time area.  I had shopped large rugs before for other rooms in my house so I was well aware of how dang expensive they are!  Trying to create my preschool on some sort of a budget had been easy...unitl this point!
So, I'm out shopping for t-shirts (yep, just t-shirts) and I stumble upon this gem of a rug: 9X7, cute and piled pretty thick - guess was only $100!!!!!  A 9X7!  I could not believe it :]
I'm just SOOOOO proud of myself...I just had to share :]  If you need a cute rug that looks like this go to!  They come in green, lavendar, pink and in 3 different sizes!  The fact that they are dirt cheap right now is just completely awesome :]

Happy Day!
Miss Lisa :]

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