Friday, June 17, 2011

The little things get me all excited :]

I have been hunting down chairs for my preschool room for quite a while now.  I kept searching for less expensive chairs that would hold up to the chaos of a preschool room.  They were all more expensive than I wanted them to be...BUT these IKEA stools kept coming up?  I didn't think the quality would be that great, but I went and checked them out anyway.  I was impressed enough with them that my final decision was to buy them!  I think they are adorable and they don't wabble (I can't stand when chairs wabble).

I'm also super excited about my most recent circle time purchases!  When shopping a sale at Lakeshore Learning...I found a mic, phone piece, and oral skill building game.  At 50% off I wasn't about to say no!  Sometimes it's so hard for my little ones to gather up confidence and be a part of the conversation (especially during the first week or two of school).  So I'm hoping this little game along with the mic and phone will help ;]  We will see?  I usually don't search out store bought items for my little ideas...but sometimes I just can't resist.  Little things are what make my world twirl, so why not?  I'm all excited to use my new "stuff".

Keep Smiling!!!
Miss Lisa :]


  1. We have those IKEA stools, and they are great! I was also surprised at the price, but for the quality I feel they are worth it.

  2. Oh good...I'm happy to know those stools work well :] Thanks MaryAnne!